The real Transformer from Japan, this foldable electric motorbike has a range of 31 miles and can easily fit under a desk!

Maneuvering through traffic jams is a task! However, ensuring that you are no more bothered with it (at least not as much as a big vehicle) is Japanese brand ICOMA with an all-new compact and foldable electric motorbike!

Called ‘Tatamel Bike,’ the vehicle (legally classified as a moped) is ideal to go around the city in peak hours and can easily be folded down and stored under a standard office desk. It measures all of1230mm long, 1000mm tall, and 650mm wide when erect and merely 700mm long, 680mm tall, and 260mm wide when folded down.

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Powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery, the bike has an estimated top speed of 40km/h and can cruise for around 50km on a single charge. It comes with a portable power supply (meaning that the bike can also be used as a power source) as well as rollers that allow it to be easily moved from outdoors to indoors.

The compact vehicle can further be customized to replace the side panels with the user’s choice for colors and materials. Riders can also decorate it with illustrations or personalized signage or further embellish its exterior.

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Other features of the moped include front and rear suspension, a full LED-lighting system, and the ability to charge other devices from the battery. Although currently in prototype, ICOMA plans to roll out the foldable ‘Tatamel Bike’ into production soon. Would you care to buy this compact wonder?

[Via: Uncrate]

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