Complete with two helipads, cryo-saunas, a mini submarine, and six decks of absolute opulence, the worlds largest charter superyacht costs $4 million a week

No matter how many high-end luxury brands you shop at the kind of opulent high you get by living on a 450-foot-long Flying Fox, the largest yacht available for charter beats it all. It offers six decks of five-star amenities including a futuristic cryo-sauna, and a 400sq-meter spa pool with a balcony purely for yoga. The flying fox is seriously taking the bar of luxury yachts through the roof with a helipad should you wish to whirr in from above and even a mini-submarine station for those who want a more furtive passage. Think of the toys you may need here to enjoy the abundant seas and chances are you certainly will find it aboard right from a hoverboard, flyboard, or sea scooter. All the fun you need to have here with your large group of friends is possible on this massive yacht that houses 11 cabins and can accommodate up to 25 guests staying overnight. Take a look at the pictures to get a better understanding of the beauty and lavishness of the flying fox, no words can do it justice but a price of nearly $4 million per week to charter does:

This is the gorgeous Flying Fox in all its glory! You can see the helipad nestled atop the yacht/ five-star hotel that stretches 450ft.

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One of the best places to be on the flying fox is the 400sq-metre spa pool that’s divided into hot and cold zones by a retractable wall.

There are six decks of space rising a 100ft, to relax and unwind with expansive blue views.

The flying fox flaunts several spots of comfort and snug locations to nestle your derriere and dwell in your luxurious surroundings. Who would ever want to leave that comfy couch?

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There are plenty of places to relax for a sundowner, to catch up with friends and families in open yet intimate settings.

Who would miss Vegas when Flying Fox shines in all its glory? Take this luxury vessel cruising around the world and be the envy of all.

They take luxury seriously at Flying Fox which is why they have a fully functional cryotherapy sauna to tend to your sore muscles.

What you see above is a two-story spa (one-storey is passé) where guests can unwind with best-in-class facials and body sculpting sessions.

For the people who have lived a life in the lap of luxury, if an onboard spa doesn’t impress you maybe rainshower messages will.

Fitness freaks will enjoy a state-of-the-art gym during their voyages, under the guidance of a personal trainer.

[Via: Boat International]

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