Steve Jobs’ family was so impressed with their $140 million Venus superyacht that they had gifted an iPod Shuffle with a thank-you note to each of the hundreds of crew members who helped build the 260 ft long vessel.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs truly loved and lived for his company. Not only did he commission a $140 million ship that looked like an Apple store, but he also gifted the workers of Feadship custom iPod shuffles (The iPod Shuffle cost $50 in 2012) with a thank you note. A gesture like this is not commonly heard of, and it proves the love maverick Steve Jobs and his family had for the 256-ft long cruiser. Unfortunately, Jobs’ custom boat Venus with a high-tech interior featuring Apple Products, was completed one year after he died in 2011. The gifts seem like the idea of the lady of the house Laurene Powell who acquired the yacht and used it to cruise around famous destinations.

Late Steve Jobs with Laurene Powell Jobs. iPod Shuffle image via – One More Thing

While Feadship had around 1800 professionals working at the shipyard, perhaps 500 people worked on Venus Yacht who received the gift of appreciation. The family, Steve in particular, was very excited to have a world-class, eye-catching vessel to call his own.

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The Feadship shipyard in Amsterdam.

He once told Venus’s interior designer Philippe Starck, “Every year, we go on vacation on my friend Larry Ellison’s boat ($130 million superyacht Musashi). And every year, I say to myself, I too should have a boat built. But I don’t do it. Two years ago, I decided I was going to go for it. I looked at everything, asked everyone, and came to the conclusion that only one person can do it: you.”

Via Instagram / @theyachtslife

The mastless motoryacht is indeed an inventor’s masterpiece, with her antennae and domes hidden within an architectural statement, a world first. The pleasure craft also boasted 40-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and an unprecedented amount of glass made by the chief designer of the Apple Stores for the yacht.

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Image – Boat International

Venus sleeps 12 family and friends in six appealing rooms. The massive deck is dotted with lounging areas for alfresco dining and socializing under a canopy.

Genius Jobs patented an iPhone-like device to control his enormous ship. The ship’s captain uses a hi-tech row of 27-inch iMacs to navigate the wheelhouse. The boat, packed with every Apple product, from the Home Pod and iPads to Apple TV and streaming services, is moored at Papeete Port in French Polynesia.

Via Instagram / @londonyachtguy

With a $14.2 billion net worth, we presume Lauren Jobs may own a lavish villa in French Polynesia, known for its pristine beaches and unadulterated beauty, and motoryacht Venus helps her enjoy it to the T.

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