Enter Cabin: A special sleeping bus for luxurious travels between San Francisco and LA

Who on earth has ever loved to travel in a bus, especially when the distance isn’t achievable by foot in the alternative. Over-night bus journey’s often mean uncomfortable seats that are designed to make your butt hurt and your spine yelp in pain. But this may soon change, as hospitality and transportation providers such as Tom Currier are here to change the face of travel in its entirety. Launching later in the month, Tom’s brainchild – Cabin, is your answer to better, luxurious and uber-comfortable travelling on a bus.

Designed as a special double decker bus, Cabin will provide travelers the luxury of 24 beds or sleeping pods, a lounge space, a bathroom, and, of course, Wi-Fi. To make the deal more lucrative, Currier has notched up the experience further by providing un-ordinary services for your sweet slumber on board. The magic bus will thus feature hotel-style mattresses and comforters, along with a reading light, an AC vent, a window, and a privacy curtain for good measure! Now, these are some travel essentials we would all kill to have!

Cabin, (formerly known as Sleep Bus), will run SF-LA trips for the time being with more routes being planned onward New York-Boston, Boston-Washington, D.C., and NYC-D.C. Those willing to travel on this comfortable ride will need to shell out $115. Quite an un-economical deal for travelling via bus generally, but it nonetheless is a steal for sleepy heads like me!


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