Father of the year – A Vietnamese man has built a miniature rideable version of the $9.6 million Bugatti Centodieci for his son using nothing but wood

Over the last few weeks, we have covered quite a few scale replicas of famous automobiles including the story of an American hobbyist who builds mini cars out of old refrigerators and the Ferrari 330 P2 Junior that recently created a new sale record. However, today we have got something which is very different. A video has emerged on the internet of a scale model of the Bugatti Centodieci carved out of wood. Even Supercar Blondie shared a video on Facebook that shows a man riding in the wooden car with his son behind the wheel. The person in the video is identified as Nong and he hails from Vietnam. Nong built the wooden Bugatti himself as a toy for his son.

The entire bodywork of the kid-sized Bugatti Centodieci has been made using oak wood. In the video by Supercar Blondie, the influencer says Mr. Nong took 40 days to build the car from scratch and used tools like chainsaws and chisels to craft the bodywork. It might not be the most detailed scale replica, but the craftsmanship is truly jaw-dropping, especially when you consider that the curvy body of a Bugatti is incredibly difficult to replicate using a material like wood. But design elements like the horseshoe grille, the Bugatti logo, the leadlight design, and even the steering wheel have been carved out in wood. What’s even more interesting is that it is a fully-working model with an electric motor for propulsion and two batteries to power the car. The master craftsman behind the Bugatti even documented the entire process of creating the wooden Bugatti on his YouTube channel. Have a look at the video; you’ll be in awe of this tiny Bugatti.

[Via: Motor 1]

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