To keep pace with skyrocketing demand, Ferrari has inaugurated a modern production marvel in Maranello, dedicated to assembling its revolutionary first all-electric model.

Image - Ferrari Press Office

Ferrari has inaugurated a new state-of-the-art production facility in Maranello, marking the biggest expansion of its storied factory over the last two decades. The inauguration ceremony of the new “e-building” was attended by Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Ferrari Chairman John Elkann, Vice Chairman Piero Ferrari, and CEO Benedetto Vigna. Designed by Italian architect Mario Cucinella, the E-building will house the assembly line for the iconic Italian marque’s first-ever all-electric vehicle, which will be revealed late next year. However, before the facility starts rolling out EVs, it will utilized to assemble Ferraris with hybrid and conventional internal-combustion powertrains, enhancing the automaker’s production flexibility. The e-building will also allow Ferrari to manufacture its own electric motors and batteries for the first time.

Image – Ferrari Press Office

The production facility took two years to complete, costing Ferrari around $214 million. It is located north of the Ferrari campus in Maranello, Italy. Ferrari purchased and demolished a block of obsolete industrial buildings on the site to construct the e-building, expanding its total footprint by around a quarter. The new facility can accommodate around 300 employees and potentially increase the automaker‘s production capacity from its current 14,000 cars per year to more than 20,000. This will also free up space in Ferrari’s existing production facilities for assembling more low-volume, high-margin models.

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Image – Ferrari Press Office

The state-of-the-art building has been designed with a focus on environmental conservation and reducing carbon footprint. It boasts over 3,000 solar panels installed on the roof, a massive tank to collect rainwater, and many trees around the facility. Initially, the e-building will be used to produce the Purosangue SUV and SF90 hybrid hypercar, starting early next year. However, Ferrari says the facility will get the assembly line “our first full electric Prancing Horse model.”

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Image – Ferrari Press Office

According to a Reuters report, the first-ever Ferrari EV might come with a starting price close to 500,000 euros (~$535,000) when it goes on sale in 2026. However, a second all-electric Ferrari is also rumored to be in development.

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