Fiat has partnered with a ballet show maker for a special edition Fiat 500

Carmaker Fiat and Repetto, French luxury ballet shoe maker have collaborated for a special edition Fiat 500, bringing back classic style. Inspired by the warm spirit and timeless elegance of ballet, the latest model is yet another example of the brand’s tradition to partner with luxurious urban companies. In the past, Fiat has collaborated with the likes of Star Wars and Guerlain for its limited-edition model campaigns.

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Designed to provide customers with a clean, approachable and focused aesthetic value, the model resonates with Italian creativity and delicate dance. Dressed in a deep shade of Bordeaux Opera, the coat symbolizes the ivory silhouette of a ballet dancer paying tribute to Repetto. The ultra-chic panoramic sunroof eagerly welcomes the sun as it throws light on its rich interiors. The ivory interiors blend seamlessly with the tobacco-colored Poltrona Frau Leather upholstery.

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Any purchase of the special edition model is complemented with a complimentary set of ballet shoes, a key ring, and a Repetto fragrance.

Here’s a little about the pricing. The 1.2 69-hp manual transmission petrol engine option starts at €18,490 (USD 21,072), with a 1.2 69-hp Dualogic automatic transmission petrol engine option at €19,340 (USD 22,042), and with a 0.9 TwinAir 85-hp engine at €20,390 (USD 23,238).


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