Forget first class, smitten by loyalty Delta Air Lines offers private jet upgrades

Delta Air Lines has surpassed all others and have won the title of the coolest airlines ever. Why? Because they are the only airlines who, in the history of aviation and mankind, is offering its loyal customers with an upgrade that is an understatement of exclusivity and unique. Delta SkyMiles Medallion members can get an upgrade to a private jet. This is a collaboration between Delta, Delta Vacations and Delta Private Jets as an appreciation towards Delta customers for their loyalty. The upgrade, like one to the First Class, will range between $300 to $800 per seat.

While it is the best news after iPhones, there is a catch – not for us loyal lot though, but the airlines is going to fill seats that normally go empty on a route that the private jet is already flying. This is called distribution of wealth – mutual funds – divide and rule etc. This isn’t just a means to make money, the airlines claim, but instead to market its private jet experience. With the rich growing richer and gearing up to start investing in intergalactic bodies and planets, private jetting is soon to replace First Class. In any case, Delta Air Lines has already drawn out new flowcharts for their class classifications – having recently introduced five new classes to travel. The future’s here folks, a new future.

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[Via – Forbes]