Kids of the 1% can now enjoy Alice in Wonderland themed tea parties while cruising in a private jet

Alice’s famous adventure in Wonderland may have begun with her falling down a rabbit hole, but VistaJet is taking a slice of her journey to the skies. The charter plane company has teamed up with Sharky & George –an event planning duo that are famous for their epic kiddie parties – to offer Mad Tea Parties on board a private jet!

These Alice in Wonderland inspired parties come with a starting price of $4000, and that doesn’t count the $12,000 you need to actually charter the jet!

The experience includes actors dressed as characters from the world famous kids’ book. These trained entertainers also engage the kids in games and activities that are tailored to their ages.

From attempting arts and crafts to sampling sweet treats all inspired by the world of Wonderland, there’s never a dull moment for kids in this party plane.

You can also opt for a Kingsman themes adventure or opt to make your movie in-flight!

While private jets with parties for kids may seem like a niche concept, Matteo Atti, executive vice president feels like they are meeting a gap in the market.

“Given that one in every four VistaJet flights has a child on board, we saw the opportunity to build something incredibly special for our younger passengers,” he told Bloomberg. “If you can trust us with your family, you can trust us with anything,” he says.


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