Gnarboards Trail Rider – One of the fastest electric skateboards out there

No longer do you need to hang on to the back of a passing truck to give your skateboard and you a dash of speed. The Gnarboard Trail Rider is indeed the supercar of skateboards and seems to be extremely fun and dangerous, given that it sports four electric motors on board, each 850W (16.5kW combined peak)! Capable of touching the 45km/h mark in just 1.6 seconds, this is the type of skateboard you wouldn’t want falling off from. The Gnarboard Trail Rider sports a 26km range on a full charge and takes two hours to charge belly-full, weighing in at 39kgs.

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Priced at $6100, the Gnarboard Trail Rider shares shelf space with its smaller cousin, the 4WD Road Warrior model with 2kW power, slightly slower and priced at $5000. Also, for those looking to go even slower with 1.4kW of power, the 2WD Commuter for $4800 seems like a pretty great way to get around the neighborhood on weekends!

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[Gizmodo and Bornrich]

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