The perfect yacht for a modest millionaire – This electric catamaran has a solar roof, a giant wingsail, and Elon Musk’s Starlink Internet.

Zero-emission is the way to the future, and the ZEN50 shows us how. The full-carbon catamaran equipped with quipped with a wingsail launches a new sea-faring way, where genuine zero-emission meets high comfort and performance. Naval architect Julien Mélot is the mind behind the new ZEN 50. Zen Yachts‘ latest offering includes two kitchens, a high-tech fully-automated wingsail, and Starlink internet from SpaceX. The layout constitutes three separate dining areas, a professional galley, and a saloon.

Zen50 can take 12 passengers on its two 40kW brushless DC motors, powered by a 160 kWh lithium battery pack. The 50 feet electric yacht also features racing hulls forged from lightweight carbon fiber and a substantial solar roof that generates 16 kW. These solar panels allow the Zen50 to cruise at 4.5-5 knots and doubles as a giant upper deck with sweeping views. According to Electrek, the electric propulsion system is backed by an Oceanswings OWS 3.2 wingsail by Ayro, making the ZEN yacht the first series production leisure craft to feature this fully-automated wingsail technology.

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Naval architect Julien Mélot said about the catamaran, ‘The majority of solar catamarans currently on the market are equipped with a large generator, making them de facto hybrid diesel-solar-electric boats. They offer great speeds in various conditions but are less eco-friendly than true zero-emission vessels. We wanted the ZEN to be a true solar boat, that’s why the first unit in construction is not equipped with any generator and will not carry a single drop of fossil fuel onboard.’

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