Jeff Bezos no longer has to dock his superyacht with cargo ships as North America’s largest superyacht marina is set to launch in the Bahamas.

This is Habacoa, North America’s largest and most comprehensive superyacht marina, which will also serve as an unparalleled luxury residential community. Billionaires with big boats have a new reason to rejoice as an avant-garde, eco-conscious superyacht marina accommodating yachts from 18 to 220 meters will call the Bahamas home. Launched by the Ben-Zur family at the southwestern point of Great Abaco Island, Habacoa will cater to those traveling from the US to the Caribbean. The property, 160 nautical miles east of Fort Lauderdale and 50 nautical miles north of Nassau, will be an unforgettable bridge between yachting destinations, offering top-notch experiences to yacht connoisseurs.

Habacoa will feature superlative marina facilities, including luxuries like a 25,000 sq. ft. members-only club, casino, nightclub, amphitheater, and performance hall, penned by Zaha Hadid Architects. “An important focus will be placed on blurring the lines with nature, as the near-transparent design ensures seamless connection to the island’s inherent beauty, while flooding the space with natural light and ventilation,” explained Habacoa. Emphasizing environmental sustainability, the Habacoa superyacht marina will harness solar energy for most of its operations. Sustainable water solutions will be available through rainwater harvesting and a wastewater recycling plant.

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The 2,300 sq meter Zaha Hadid Architects designed boat club.

As far as superyacht services are concerned, Habacoa will feature in-slip utilities and diesel refuelling stations, a 200-unit dry stack facility, a one-stop-shop provisioning centre, customs, immigration, and much more, per superyachttimes.“Surrounded by 20,000 acres of Abaco National Park in the Bahamas, Habacoa will boast a state-of-the-art marina sized for the largest yachts on the seas, ultra- luxury residences, as well as world-class dining and shopping, live entertainment offerings, recreational water sports and beach experiences and more.”

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Not only will deep-pocketed yacht owners benefit, but the community of The Bahamas will also gain significantly. The development promises to foster investments and generate over 1,000 employment opportunities for locals, making it a truly exciting venture. Habacoa Superyacht Marina, nestled in a 110-acre basin, is designed by Moffatt & Nichol. Centibillionaire Jeff Bezos will no longer have difficulty parking his $500 million megayacht Koru come 2027.

The Zaha Hadid Architects designed nightclub.
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