Have $1.5 million to spare? You can get the DeepFlight Dragon, the world’s most compact personal submarine

The personal submarine seems to have become as mundane as an Aston Martin, private jet or yacht; just another play-thing for the rich. From the Seabird to the Ferrari-esque ‘HP Sport Sub 2’ from U-Boat Worx, the $2 million Personal Submarine and the lesser priced Killer Whale Submarine that resembles Professor Calculus’ explorer submarine from the Tintin comic ‘Red Rackham’s Treasure’ and the many, many more personal undersea crafts that are out there, the need for the individual to conquer the depths of the deep blue sea have not diminished. The latest to join this ‘fleet’ is the DeepFlight Dragon personal submarine; it’s no 007 Q Branch designed Lotus Esprit, but it’s certainly one of the sleekest looking personal subs we’ve seen so far.

DeepFlight Dragon personal submarine 2
The DeepFlight Dragon is touted to be the most compact of all the Personal Submarines available today and seems well designed enough to be fitted aboard most yachts (16.4 long and 6.2 feet wide) so you’ll never have to leave port without it. It’s been designed as a two-man vessel that can reach depths of up to 400 feet and features an electric engine to power it with a lithium battery pack that would provide users with at least 6 hours of running. And just in case you’re wondering what happens when it runs out of power, the craft is naturally buoyant and would simply float to the surface.
DeepFlight Dragon personal submarine 4
Designed with an easy to understand pilot system the onboard Dive Manager software has been created to keep track of all critical functions and even set a depth limit for each dive allowing the pilot to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the beauties of the deep. Deepflight founder Graham Hawkes had this to say about his craft – . “It is so intuitively easy to use for the uninitiated, that I think this will become the first submarine that can go into a rental program, where a resort can rent it by the hour.” The Dragon also features a ‘hover’ systems lets you stay quite stable while viewing undersea life.
DeepFlight Dragon personal submarine 5
The DeepFlight Dragon is priced at a $1.5 million so naturally it’s not something average Jet-Ski fans would able to afford, but for those who can, it seems like it could be a fun little toy to play with in the largest bathtub this world can offer. For the rest, perhaps rental companies at seaside tourist destinations would have the Dragon up for quick trips so we don’t lose out on the experience of personal underwater transport.


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