Inspired by first-class cabins of airlines, this French start up is designing sleeper trains to run in Europe that will offer Ultra-luxury private suites with their own bathrooms, room service, gourmet food and cocktails.

Dreams of traveling in a luxury train with the most opulent amenities and scenic landscapes riffling through minute after minute in European countries are closer to reality than one would imagine. A new French rail start-up has announced plans to launch a range of international overnight “hotel on wheels” rail services, targeting passengers looking for more sustainable and comfortable travel options. Come 2024; Midnight Trains will have routes up and running across Europe. It is the brainchild of Adrien Aumont and Romain Payet, who still believe that people of our planet still dream of traveling in the sleeper train, which is why they leave no stone unturned to make this mode of traveling cool again. In a world where people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos are selling the interstellar dream, Midnight Trains aims to make life and experiences richer on the ground with sophisticated and luxurious adventures aboard its fleet of rolling boutique hotels. Let’s take a look at the pimped up version of the glorious and original Trans-European Express:

Midnight Trains targets passengers looking for more sustainable and comfortable travel options. Midnight Trains co-founder Mr. Adrien Aumont says, “Midnight will be at the forefront of reinventing this product that is over a century old.”

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Onboard amenities will prioritize “privacy, security, and serenity,” Each compartment can be booked exclusively.

Each suite can be booked as a solo or duo, or as a group for family and friends, with on-demand movies and high-quality bedding, while meals are taken in the restaurant car or delivered to your room.

Midnight Trains create a pleasant onboard atmosphere, with restaurant and bar serving seasonal products, cocktails, and wines.

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Midnight Trains has decided that Paris will form the center of the train network envisioned with services covering 800 – 1500km. It will connect Madrid, Lisbon, Porto, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, and Edinburgh.

[Midnight Trains Via: Executive Traveller]

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