Jetpack Aviation’s 150mph Speeder flying motorcycle will go on sale in 2023 for $380,000

Back in July this year, Jetpack Aviation had announced that it had successfully completed initial flight testing of its flying motorcycled named Speeder. The California-based company has now started accepting pre-orders for the single-seater VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) flying craft and claims the deliveries will begin as soon as 2023. The Jetpack Aviation Speeder was initially designed as a flying vehicle for the military and different government agencies, especially for rescue operations. However, the company later started working on a recreational version for personal use.

The Speeder will be available in two different versions: the Ultralight version (UVS) and the Experimental Category version (EVS). The Ultralight version, as the name suggests, will be lightweight to make it easy to operate. The company says it will weigh less than a 125cc motorcycle and won’t require a pilot’s license. Training to operate the Ultralight version will be offered by Jetpack Aviation or an authorized training center. The UVS will be capable of carrying a fuel load of 5 gallons and will reach speeds up to 60mph.

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The EVS model won’t come with a speed limiter and will be capable of flying at speeds close to 150mph. However, a pilot’s license will be required to fly the unrestricted version. Both the models will be equipped with full VTOL capability to give it the flexibility to land and take off from anywhere. The Speeder will also come with autonomous stabilization, which will require minimum effort from the pilot to operate the flying motorcycle. As for the price, the personal vehicle will cost $380,000, which is similar to what you’ll pay for a Lamborghini.

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