Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycle reveals an updated version of the KRGT-1 performance cruiser

Arch Motorcycle, owned by Hollywood film star Keanu Reeves and motorcycle builder Gard Hollinger, has released a new, updated version of its KRGT-1 power cruiser for 2020. The retro-styled performance cruiser has received a series of major changes including redesigned bodywork, upgraded suspension, improved brakes, and ergonomic changes. The boutique motorcycle manufacturer based in Los Angeles describes the new KRGT-1 as “an evolution of the bespoke production motorcycle that set the bar in the performance cruiser category.” In fact, the updated KRGT-1 arrives with over 20 major redesigns and more than 150 new parts. “The KRGT-1 was originally designed to realize the potential and push the boundaries of what an American V-twin motorcycle could offer,” Arch Motorcycle co-founder Gard Hollinger says. “Our new KRGT-1 stays true to the original objective while further developing and refining the motorcycle’s design and performance elements to enhance the overall riding experience.”

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The KRGT-1 which was originally introduced in 2014 promises the performance of a sports bike with the comfort of a cruiser motorcycle. The newest version comes with fully adjustable 48mm Öhlins NIX fork and Öhlins adjustable rear shock. For braking, the motorcycle features a pair of radial-mount Monoblock ISR six-piston calipers in the front and a Monoblock ISR four-piston caliper in the rear. The 2020 Arch KRGT-1 still features a powerful 124ci S&S V-twin built exclusively for the motorcycle; however, the chassis has been tweaked and it gets the company’s all-new billet aluminum swingarm. “The new KRGT-1 delivers on Arch Motorcycle’s ambition: a beautiful and extraordinary machine that handles like no other motorcycle. Through the curves, down the straights, planted, confident, comfortable, it’s an unsurpassed riding experience,” Arch Motorcycle co-founder Keanu Reeves says. “The focus on fit and finish, the detail, the execution, the exceptional quality, how the bike is made defines Arch.” There is no word on the pricing as of yet but the original KRGT-1 was priced at $78,000.

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