Lamborghini Lanzador is a pure-electric 2+2 grand tourer concept with 1341 horsepower that previews the automaker’s electric future

Lamborghini has finally given a preview of its all-electric future by revealing a new EV concept at the Monterey Car Week on Friday. Called the Lanzador, it is a high-riding Gran Turismo 2+2 concept with design elements that are unmistakably Lamborghini. It can be seen as a teaser to the company’s first EV which is set to debut in 2028. While it may appear like a slammed Urus with a slightly extended rear, the Italian marque claims that the concept’s design is inspired by the Sesto Elemento and the modern Countach. “With this concept, we are ushering in a new car segment, the Ultra GT, which is poised to offer customers a new and unparalleled driving experience, one that’s quintessentially Lamborghini, thanks to groundbreaking technologies,” said Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

The concept is an all-electric vehicle, which means there’s no fire-breathing engine placed right behind the cabin. What this has done is open up luggage space which can be accessed by a hatchback rear opening door. There’s also a frunk for more space to fit in extra luggage. The front end of the Lanzador looks like a mixture of styling bits borrowed from the new Countach and the Urus. The concept also appears to have a high ground clearance and squared wheel arches with carbon fiber extensions, suggesting the electric grand tourer will have decent off-road capability. The coupe-shaped roofline dramatically seamlessly blends into the stretched-out rear, which is dominated by slim taillights with hexagonal led elements and a massive diffuser. Obviously, there are no exhaust mufflers jutting out.

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On the inside, the Lanzador features an aerospace-inspired futuristic-looking cabin that gets massive glass roof panels and a Y-shaped center console separates the driver and passenger. Most of the controls reside on the console, but the driver can alter the car’s dynamics via controls on the steering wheel. The cabin features a 2+2 seating layout with four sporty seats equally split between the front and back. Since it is a forward-looking concept, the cabin is packed with sustainable materials, such as sustainably tanned leather, 100-percent authentic wool from Australian Merino sheep, and recycled plastic.

The Lanzador is fitted with two electric motors placed at each axle, which not only provided all-wheel drive but also “efficiency in all driving conditions, on all surfaces, and in every driving style.” While Lamborghini has not revealed the actual power and performance figures, it said that the two motors are capable of producing a combined peak power of over one megawatt (1341 hp). The pair of motors will draw power from a next-generation high-performance battery that will reportedly generate a “long range” – although the company hasn’t given the actual numbers.

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The Lanzador concept also features some very interesting active aerodynamic elements largely employed in the “front and rear to maximize aerodynamic efficiency in the different driving modes.” Lamborghini says the aero elements can precisely regulate airflow, which will help in increasing the range in Urban mode and increasing downforce in Performance mode. Furthermore, the Italian automaker says the Lanzador can adapt flawlessly to any surface and to driver-defined settings thanks to its steerable rear axle and air suspension.

“With the fourth model concept, we are looking into our future without forgetting our DNA,” Winkelmann said. “The first coupés from Lamborghini with their front engines were sporty, elegant Gran Turismos suitable for everyday use as 2+2-seaters. The concept for our fourth production model leverages our philosophy of super sportiness combined with brave new technologies and fearless design.” The first production battery-electric Lamborghini won’t come anytime before 2028 and it might end up being quite different than the Lanzador. Nevertheless, the new concept suggests the iconic Italian manufacturer is moving in the right direction.

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