The Lamborghini Urus super SUV is being recalled for a faulty latch that could set the hood flying off at the relatively pedestrian speed of 94MPH

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With great power, comes great… recalls? One of the world’s fastest SUVs, the Lamborghini Urus, is headed for a massive recall of over 2,133 units worldwide. The NHTSA, in a recent filing, has found that the hood latch mechanism of Urus models produced between 2023-2024 could show the tendency to allow the hood to open at high speeds. The defect could also be present across the Urus lineup, including the Urus S and Urus Performante models. Lamborghini, on the other hand, believes that the issue could only affect 2 percent of the Urus models produced during the time period. Of course, given the standard Urus top speed of 190mph and the Urus SE’s top speed of up to 194mph, that’s not a chance an owner should take.

Via Facebook / @Lamborghini India

As per the NHTSA filing, the issue rests squarely with the hood latch mechanism, or more specifically, the rivets holding the mechanism in place. At speeds over 94mph, the rivet studs could deform enough to allow the hood to open slightly, causing air to accumulate under the hood and cause a high-pressure area. This poses the risk of forcing the latch mechanism to fail completely, which could throw the hood up. At those speeds, the hood could fly right open, smashing into the windscreen causing a potentially very dangerous accident.

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Via Facebook / @Lamborghini India

Lamborghini first learnt of the potential issue through a couple of warranty claims in Europe in August 2023, about the Urus fender and hood being misaligned. The Italian manufacturer sought to work with its suppliers to identify and fix the issue. In February 2024, a Lamborghini Urus in Indonesia suffered a full hood detachment at high speed and upon further inspection, narrowed it down to faulty hood latch rivet studs. Lamborghini’s supplier has been sending out updated parts since earlier this year.

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The company will soon instruct owners to bring their 2023-2024 manufactured Urus models in for inspection and replacement. The fix will either include a repaired hood, updated striker support plate, or both. Till then, if you’re a recent model Urus owner, it may be prudent to rein in the Raging Bull SUV for a while.

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