Learjet 85 is the largest, tallest and widest aircraft from Bombardier

Private jets make an opulence statement. Business tycoons who own these slick airliners spend onwards of $1.5 million on the interiors that include extras like cashmere throws, gold-plated fixtures, and exquisite leather. With this the cost of the interiors sometimes surpasses the cost of the actual jet. When you combine comfort, ultra-luxury, and power, you get the all-new Learjet 85 from Bombardier. It features an all-composite structure requires minimum maintenance and the cabin features more volume and comfort than any existing midsize aircraft.

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With a capacity of accommodating 8 personnel, the aircraft offers fully reclining leather seats that let you sleep in absolute comfort or sit while having top notch meal from gallery which is one of the largest in its segment.
The seats feature storage drawers instead of the usual seatback pockets and bigger and simpler screens make it easy for the pilots to navigate with complete control.
With top cruising speed of Mach .82, the Learjet 85 can fly transcontinental flights and can be owned on the fractional jet ownership scheme from Flexjet for a 5 year, 1/16 share that will come with a price tag of $1 million.

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