This dazzling 263-foot-long superyacht has such an elaborate entertainment system that it is controlled by more than 100 iPads. Commissioned by a secretive millionaire the Leona has a hookah room, an aquarium, gold bathroom fittings, and a stunning beach club.

The owner of the new 263-foot superyacht, Leona, isn’t a fan of quiet luxury. Isn’t the word a bit of antithesis anyway? What good is calling a luxury yacht a floating palace if it doesn’t really look like one? Thankfully, Bilgin Yachts’ latest born, 263-footer, isn’t making such mistakes. She’s lavish beyond words and wears the label of being a luxury vessel with pride. Having said that, the red hull, overdose of gold, and Hellenic interiors are not for those with any affinity for minimalism. Leona is an ode to the love for maximalism and will debut at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. Read on to learn of the ornate details below-

The owners suite Image – Bilgin Yachts

Leona was made with the more is less mantra in mind-
While Leona does complete justice to being an overtly luxe ship, it does, in a way, go against the reason for being on a boat. People get one of these vessels to enjoy nature in the lap of luxury with unparalleled views. This five-decker monument is so intricately designed one might just forget to check the sea views amidst the glitz. H2 Yacht Design is responsible for the theatrical interior work. The bullet-shaped boat features four OTT guest suites and an extravagant owner’s suite.

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The dining room. Image – Bilgin Yachts

The main deck, upper deck, beach club, wellness center, everything seems like a part of a palace plucked out of land and dropped on the Bilgin Yacht. The affluent owner wouldn’t have it any other way and ensured these details were delivered strictly as intended. He had the design details mentioned in the contract, leaving no room for error or subtle changes.

The owners bathroom. Image – Bilgin Yachts

The owner’s bedroom is a massive space with a striking bathroom complete with a round tub, golden sinks, and a private interior lounge. Outside lies a terrace with a spa pool.”The interior of Leona uses a bold, opulent palette incorporating a high level of intricate detailing with a heavy use of decorative finishes and interesting textures: gloss lacquers, backlit onyx, figurative timbers, gold inlays, and luxurious textiles are combined throughout,” says H2’s design director, James Bermudez. “We learned quickly that the client didn’t react positively to the understated design. He required us to be bold and turn up the volume.”

The upper deck ceiling is made from 24 individual screens. Image – Boat International.

The upper deck is an ambient area with plush seating, a well-stocked bar, and an incredible entertainment system by UK-based Sensory International with voice-activated and iPad input and a built-in party mode. More than 100 iPads control the elaborate system, including a projection screen on the deck’s ceiling. The main deck features a stunning, remote-controlled ethanol fireplace from Planika and a gas fire pit from Rivelin outside.

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The built-in aquarium. Image – Boat International

An aquarium with small tropical fish highlights this area. It also helps divide the sprawling room. The deck houses a hookah room, a piano bar, and a cinema. While every nook and corner may make your jaw drop, some elements will make you stop and stare, like the LED-lit bubble wall that rises along the central guest staircase.

The beach club. Image – Bilgin Yachts

It will lead you to the gorgeous Grecian-inspired beach club where statues of Aphrodite of Milos and other nymphs and goddesses keep guests company as they unravel from the stresses of life on land.

Image – Bilgin Yachts

A 29-foot swimming pool is sheathed under a star-lit ceiling by Barrisol. There is plenty of entertainment here. Another dazzling amethyst and agate bar, a hairdressing room, and two lounges make the space one of our favorites. One would expect the gym to be an understated space sans the flamboyance, but this is superyacht Leona in the picture.

The gym. Image – Bilgin Yachts

The lower deck gym looks like a 5-star hotel bathroom, discernible only by the customized hand weights and Technogym equipment. Twin 2,560 kW MTU engines power the 263-footer and can reach a top speed of 19 knots. Leona is indeed a true showpiece superyacht!

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