Meet the maverick who transformed his life in such a way that he went from working on a yacht to owning a dazzling superyacht specifically painted with 24k gold particles to match his $1 million Lamborghini.

It is almost inevitable for superyacht crew to picture themselves standing on the deck of their own luxury vessel, champagne in hand, someday. Many dream of it, but go-getter Aaron Fidler lived it. The Furrion founder worked on several boats and became a superyacht engineer first, which opened doors to becoming the owner of a 136-foot Palmer Johnson, AK Royalty. As intriguing as the 24 Karat paint on his speedy gold-covered boat is the story of how he landed on the stunner. The Australian, a globe-trotter who had seen it all from the Amazon, the Sahara, Europe, and South America, had an inherent affinity for the high seas.

Aaron on the AK Royalty. Via Instagram / @akroyalty_yacht_charter

He turned this passion into a job opportunity that allowed him to continue traveling. Fidler learned the ropes of yachting at Fort Lauderdale, followed by a job in Barcelona with motoryacht Solemates, and next on Sea Bowld, where the diligent worker was promoted to chief engineer. To become a yacht owner, there was a lot more needed, and Fidler expanded his ambition to learning how to manufacture products. A gap in yacht shore-power products was his opening to the world of business. His inquisitiveness helped him develop a product along with his brother and a mate. Furrion was founded with a product portfolio that boasted audiovisual systems, galley appliances, power management, and renewables. Furrion gained more footing as an RV and outdoor equipment manufacturer and boasted annual sales of $230 million in 2021.

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Ksenia posing next to her husband’s gold Lamborghini SVJ. Via Instagram / @ksenia_alex_

With success achieved, it was time for Fidler to realize his long-time dream of owning a boat. A lover of Palmer Johnson’s, the Dubai-based entrepreneur went all out on his latest purchase with a total upgrade. Fidler told Boat International, “I bought every toy possible, adjusted the layout of the boat, including remodeling bathrooms and knocking out some walls to make it more user-friendly and high-end. I turned it into an even sexier boat.” The biggest head-turning aspect, however, was matching the 136-footer to his striking Lamborghini SVJ Roadster in gold. The result was a shimmering AK Royalty sheathed in 24k gold dust.

The AK Royalty by night.

How the multi-millionaire achieved this feat is a secret he is not ready to share yet, but he did state, “It was a bit of a process – testing the paint and getting the color right so it reflects right from every angle. I wanted to see the shine of the gold in the paint. There was a bit of a balance – we couldn’t put too much in to ruin the integrity of the paint, but enough to show.” Let’s take a look at this dazzling AK Royalty yacht that is the perfect fit against the glitzy Dubai skyline packed with multimillionaires and their shiny possessions.

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All that glitters is motoryacht AK Royalty-

The boat is all about its exterior, the paint mainly, that covers the craft from bow to stern, using actual 24-karat gold mixed into her paint. The glow is found on two gold-painted jet skis. The outstanding arsenal of toys and tenders includes two Seabobs, three underwater scooters, a flyboard, an eFoil, and much more.

A peek inside revealed the talent of Aaron Fidler’s wife, Ksenia, responsible for restyling AK Royalty. The gloss of gold on exteriors is matched with the brilliance of glass and mirror panels inside. To add a touch of glam, lighting features, coupled with white furniture with black accents, do the job perfectly. The same combination is found in the bathrooms.

The master bedroom.

The owner’s bathroom features panda white marble and a translucent acrylic bath with a wall of pale, backlit onyx, a touch of luxe that deserved a pat on the back. The amenities of AK Royalty are also exceptional for a 136-foot motor yacht.

The interior dining.

From an anti-jellyfish pool for tethering to the beach club, a waterslide, climbing wall and trampoline to a DJ booth, spa pool, barbecue, and foredeck cinema, there is entertainment found at every nook and corner. Six guest cabins accommodate lucky guests who need to splurge $175,000 a week to charter the vessel from Burgess.

The matching jet skis. Via Instagram / @akroyalty_yacht_charter
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