Mercedes-Benz unveils a high-tech golf cart concept for the future

The very first image that pops up when we think of a golf cart is its basic structure painted in bland white color. Though we have seen a few amazing attempts to build different types of golf carts, like the BW1 hovercraft golf cart which we covered recently, these mundane EVs have more or less remained the same for many decades. Mercedes Benz wants to bring a change to this trend by unveiling their concept golf cart of the future. Revealed at the 2103 British Open, the project named ‘Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart’ is the automaker’s attempt to showcase futuristic vehicles that’ll ferry golfers around the course in style.

The concept car is loaded with features unheard on golf carts, and when we say car, yes, it’ll be road legal and drive like a normal car on asphalt. Most of the features of the cart can be controlled by an iPad placed at the center console.

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It’ll help the golfers connect with the club house, get weather data, upload scorecard online and even post pictures directly from the turf.

It even has a fore button that’ll help warn other golfers digitally about a stray shot. The cabin is enclosed by light-weight doors and air-conditioning will help the golfers grab a break on hot days.

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A few luxury golf carts we have seen in the past looked like overhauled EVs, but this solar-chargeable cart has been designed from ground up to give its users proper comfort while providing top-notch luxury.


[Via – Emercedesbenz]