Mercedes-Benz 300 SL’s iconic checkered upholstery is being brought back in original spec

The classic car market has experienced steady growth in the last decade and a bit, which has drawn the interest of both enthusiast as well as automakers who want to keep their iconic cars running and roadworthy. Porsche recently announced that it has started using 3D printing technology to make obscure parts for its classic cars. Now, Mercedes-Benz Classic has commissioned the original supplier of the 1950s Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing’s iconic checkered wool upholstery to re-issue the fabric in the original specification. “This reproduction of the checkered upholsteries is Mercedes-Benz Classic’s response to the popular request from owners of the legendary sports car for the original specification of the interior material,” the company said in its news release.

Three different checkered cloth patterns were available during the W198’s short production run between 1954 and 1957: blue-grey (L1), red-green (L2) and green-beige (L3). L1 was found in nearly 80 percent of the 300 SL models with a fabric interior, while the L2 and L3 were present in 14 percent and 6 percent cars respectively. These fabrics are now being reproduced by the original supplier, according to initial specifications, and are made from 100 percent high-quality wool yarn. “The fiber is breathable, offers natural moisture management and thus creates a pleasant seat climate, especially on long journeys,” the press release by M-B Classic further added. “For wool can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture and always remains odor-neutral.” The upholstery is available for order through Mercedes priced at $229 per meter. With prices of the 300 SL reaching close to $2 million in the classic car market, this will only help in increasing their value.


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