New pictures reveal the almost production-ready Aston Martin Valkyrie

I can’t begin to write all the reasons why we should be very, very excited for the upcoming Aston Martin Valkyrie, or it will end up turning into a massive post. But, a freshly released set of pictures of the crazy hypercar, that for the first time has given us a good look of the exterior and the interior of the almost production-ready model, tells us that it is going to something that we have never seen or even dreamt before. Looking at the photos, you can easily make out that the car shares many visual similarities with current Formula One cars. The nose and the rear of the Valkyrie feature wings, splitters and diffuser that have never, ever been seen on a road-legal car.

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Even from looking at the Aston Martin Valkyrie from the outside, you can clearly see that it has a very small and compact cockpit. The inside of the hypercar has space for two passengers, but thanks to the tight cabin space they’ll be sitting with their feet up, just like in a modern F1 or LMP1 car. The cockpit is bathed in carbon fibre and has very little in the name of creature comforts. The Valkyrie’s seats will be 3D-scanned to follow the contour of the owner’s body and will be bolted directly to the carbon fibre tub. It will come with four-point harnesses fitted as standard, but a six-point harness will be on offer as an option for those seeking to do more track driving.

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The pictures also reveal that the cabin will feature a removable steering wheel like the ones found on actual racing cars. The high-tech, rounded rectangular steering wheel will come with knobs, buttons, paddles, and an OLED screen. The traditional door mirrors have also been swapped with two rear-facing cameras connected to a display at the base of each A-Pillar. This has not only helped the car shed unnecessary weight but also improve the aerodynamics of the Valkyrie. Have a look at all the pictures and enjoy the beauty of the insane machine.


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