Late billionaire oligarch’s magnificent $200 million sailing yacht, which was the inspiration for Jeff Bezos’ Koru yacht, is embroiled in an ugly family feud. The 350-foot-long ‘Black Pearl’ has a 4,000-bottle wine cellar, a Napoleon Bonaparte piano, and a cinema sky lounge.

‘Black Pearl’, the world’s second-largest sailing superyacht believed to be worth $200 million is one of the many assets late Russian oligarch Oleg Bourlakov’s family members are fighting for in a bitter court battle. The Russian tycoon’s widow Loudmila Bourlakova and their daughter have been locked in a bitter family feud with Bourlakov’s sister and brother-in-law, seeking around $1.2 billion in a claim in England. Loudmila claims that she’s a victim of a massive fraud designed to deprive her of a fair share of her husband’s $3.7 billion fortune with the help of fake documents and fictitious loans, Bloomberg reports citing London court filings. The Russian billionaire died of Covid-19 complications in 2021, which was confirmed in an autopsy report.

Oleg Bourlakov’s death immediately triggered a trail of disputes over his massive wealth, with ongoing court proceedings in the UK, Monaco, Panama, Montenegro, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA, Cyprus, Latvia, Russia, and several other countries. It includes a divorce case in Monaco along with a Russian paternity suit, according to the court documents. According to Bloomberg, the ongoing legal battle revolves around Bourlakov’s two disputed wills drawn up in 2004 and 2019. The first of them was made in 2004, with the will bestowing all of Bourlakov’s assets to his wife Loudmila.

However, a second “informal” will in the Russian language hands down all assets to the Kazakov Foundation, according to the court filing. The validity, authenticity, and effect of the alleged informal will are contested, although. A large portion of Bourlakov’s $3.7 billion wealth was held through a web of companies and trusts, mostly registered in well-known tax havens. The Oligarch’s assets also include artworks and antiques worth well over $100 million and his $200 million uber-luxurious sailing superyacht Black Pearl, which are all part of the ongoing legal battle in the UK.

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Black Pearl – Bourlakov’s insane sailing superyacht
Delivered in 2018 by Dutch shipyard Oceanco, Black Pearl is the third-largest sailing yacht in the world with a total length of 109.5 meters. The only sailing yacht bigger than the Black Pearl is Jeff Bezos’ Koru, which measures 127 meters in length. Be it her revolutionary design or the eco-credentials and technological advancements, Black Pearl managed to set new standards in the yachting industry. Bourlakov wanted his luxury superyacht to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Boat International.

As a result, the three-mast vessel is fitted with a hybrid propulsion system that is assisted by a big battery pack designed by BMT Nigel Gee of Southampton. In fact, Oceanco claims the sailing superyacht is capable of crossing the Atlantic without using any fuel.

Black Pearl’s three 70m carbon masts are so massive that she can set 2,900 square meters of sail on the world’s largest DynaRig system designed by Dykstra Naval Architects. The yacht can reach an incredible 30 knots under sail and regenerate enough energy to power the entire boat without the use of generators. The vessel’s striking exterior is the result of a partnership between UK-based Ken Freivokh Design and Italian studio Nuvolari Lenard.

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The interiors remain a closely guarded secret, but they were also designed by Nuvolari Lenard and French architect Gerard Villate. It is believed that the sailing yacht has six cabins, including a master suite and two VIP cabins, and can provide accommodation for up to 12 guests. Some of the highlights include a glass lift, spa pool, hot tub, and a cinema on board.

Oleg Bourlakov

Who was Oleg Bourlakov?
Born in n Leningrad on August 24, 1949, Oleg Leonidovich Bourlakov was a Russian entrepreneur and billionaire who passed away on 21st June 2021 in Moscow after a short battle with COVID-19. Before becoming a successful businessman, Oleg was a member of the USSR Air Force and took pride in his military duties. In the 1980s and 90s, the oligarch made a series of very successful investments in Russia a series of very successful investments in Russia, including aerospace, chemicals, and energy industries. Beyond his business interests, Oleg was truly passionate about sailing and played a vital role in the making of the Black Pearl. Oleg and Lyudmila met when they were still students and the couple’s ambition and business acumen helped them build the massive business empire. Bourlakov was ranked 177th in the Russian Forbes list with a fortune of $3.7 billion before he died in 2021.

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