Just like in a James Bond movie, Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez arrived in utmost style on the scenic Greek island of Kastos in a speed boat that emerged from their $500 million sailing yacht Koru. While its $75 million support vessel with a helicopter was anchored nearby.

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Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos and fiance Lauren Sanchez may be done with Mallorca, but they are nowhere close to getting over their exquisite $500 million schooner Koru. The newly engaged couple exited Italy after a month-long vacation, making Ithaca, Greece, their next idyllic vacation spot. The Ionian Sea is now home to the 416-foot second-largest sailing ship in the world and its smaller $75 million support vessel Abeona. After a delightful time in Italy, the duo disembarked from Koru using a tender on the island of Kastos in Lefkada.

Damen Yachting’s Abeona was close behind, with all the necessary features, including a helicopter, at their beck and call. Koru has become an irreplaceable fixture in their life since she was delivered earlier this year. From proposing on the vessel to celebrating their union with lavish parties and even catching up with friends and family, everything took place on the Oceanco luxury vessel.

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Bezos and Sanchez could indeed call Koru a temporary summer home as they have been sailing the Mediterranean Sea for more than 19 days in the past 30 days alone. With the arrival in gorgeous Greece, we presume another week or ten days of respite and cruising activity is added to their calendars. In the past few months, Koru and its affluent owners have visited Saint-Tropez, Portofino, Cannes, and Capri.

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Kastos, the ultimate Ionian Island hideaway-
Measuring just 8km from north to south, the Greek getaway could be dwarfed by the sheer presence of Bezos’s megayacht Koru. The island, with only 50 permanent residents, is a haven with an unchanging atmosphere of peace and quiet. Pristine Kastos’s shores attract swimmers, snorkellers, scuba divers, and sailors. The enchanting island is a gem for those who want to escape the public eye with endearing details like a tavern housed inside a windmill, a mini-market, a harbor, and a much-needed lack of modernization.

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On the low-lying olive-covered coast, you won’t find ATMs, chemists, malls, etc. While Kastos witnesses dozens of sailing boats mooring over the Ionian Sea, it doesn’t have a single car. Bezos and Sanchez have chosen the perfect island to unwind after several soirees and celebrations.

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