Pics – Qatari royal family’s Boeing 747 B jet which is spread across two floors has a bedroom suite and 10 bathrooms (and its on sale)

Even if you’re not one for secondhand purchases, the Qatar Royal family’s cast-off private jet is more luxurious than many of brand new ones that we’ve come across. The family has put one of their Boeing 747-8 Business Jets up for sale, and we’re giving you a tour of their palace in the sky.

While 747-8s can carry as many as 467 passengers, this one underwent a dramatic design overhaul and is now fitted with just 76 passenger seats and 18 crew seats. Instead the jet’s considerable space has been dedicated to extravagant design and décor choices like this royal dining room.

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The blue and gold theme continues in other parts of the jet including this comfortable lounge.

Yet another lounge, with a more neutral décor and cream upholstered seats.

This bedroom features a comfortable looking double bed for those long haul flights.

The jet features 10 bathrooms for passengers and crew. This one mirrors the lavish blue and gold colors.

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The jet even has a dedicated medical center to take care of ill or injured passengers!


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