Pininfarina and Fulvio De Simoni unveil a new project at the Monaco Yacht Show. The new yacht merges the métiers of the two design houses for a floating oasis of the high seas.

Pininfarina Nautical is making a foray into the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show with Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design. This collaboration will combine the fortes of Fulvio De Simoni’s nautical design with Pininfarina’s excellence in automotive and architecture. What better platform than the Monaco Yacht Show to announce a partnership that will steer the industry on a new path of invention and technology? Pininfarina and De Simoni will introduce an innovative research project – X2, EXplore X Experience. The new yacht signed by Pininfarina and De Simoni Yacht Design amalgamates the strengths of the two design houses, unveiling an unprecedented model that brings forth the best of automotive and contemporary architecture.

“With great pleasure, I promoted the collaboration with Pininfarina, an important automotive brand, to combine the passion for cars with that of nautical,” says Fulvio De Simoni. “By combining our complementary competencies, we can respond effectively to the needs of ship-owners and shipyards, proposing innovative solutions,” says Kevin Rice, Chief Creative Officer di Pininfarina.

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In addition, Pininfarina will also display the scale model of Oceanco Kairos, the result of the first collaboration between Pininfarina, Oceanco, and Lateral Naval Architects. With Kairos, yachting enthusiasts will discover a new way of conceiving life on board, a yachting experience enhanced manifold and in tune with the sustainability and design of spaces.

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