Porsche Exclusive unveils one-off 911 Turbo wrapped in special Lime Gold Metallic paintjob

Porsche was one of the first automaker to have its own in-house personalization department, Porsche Exclusive, which has been churning out unique, customized cars as per customer requests since 1986. The Porsche Exclusive’s newest offering is this one-off 2014 911 Turbo which has been given a special Lime Gold Metallic paintjob. Unlike the blinged-out gold painjobs we have seen in the past, the Lime Gold finish on the Porsche has a slightly faded hue which makes it quite appealing. The gold finish on the body is contrasted by the 20-inch five-spoke wheels finished in glossy black. The headlight surrounds also sport a glossy black paint while the taillight lenses have been made transparent.

The special treatment continues on the inside too, the cabin is wrapped in two-tone leather trim of Agate Grey and Lime Gold which mirrors the exterior paint. The customized 911 Turbo coupe features a carbon package which includes a carbon center console trim and personalized and illuminated door sill guards in carbon. The dashboard sports a decorative stitching in Lime Gold which continues on the door trim and backrests of the seats. Mechanically the special edition is same as the standard 911 Turbo and features a 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine which produces 513hp.

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