Dartz unveils Porsche covered in whale skin vinyl at 2010 Top Marques Show

Dartz are up to their old shenanigans again. At the 2010 Top Marques Show in Monaco, Dartz unveiled their latest offering, a Porsche covered in whale skin vinyl! Dartz claim to have learned from their past mistakes (the disastrous armored car with whale penis leather interiors) and are offering a solution in the form of this new material they call, Whale.Skin.Vinyl. Said to be artificial, the unique whale skin vinyl is said to be an authentic copy of the whale penis skin surface. What is more, as if making up for their mistake, this car covered in artificial material also boasts of a logo that reads, “Save the Whales”.

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For those who wish to install this unique material, it will be available at Dartz’s France office.