The millionth Porsche 911 has been built and it looks gorgeous

The first ever Porsche 911 came off the production line more than half a century ago and it took the German automaker 54 years to produce one million 911 models. Car number 1,000,000 rolled off the company’s Zuffenhausen production line and it has been finished and trimmed to honor the first 911 from 1963. Based on a 2017 911 Carrera S, the millionth 911 is painted in Irish Green which dates back to the early days of the 911 in the 1960s. The interior is outfitted in wood, leather, and old-school black-and-white checkerboard inserts along with other homages to the first model. There’s a special plaque on the dashboard commemorating the car’s special place in Porsche history.

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The special 911 is mechanically identical to the standard 911 Carrera S, which means it’s powered by a 414 hp turbocharged engine and is capable of 191mph top speed and a 4.3sec 0-62mph time. In comparison, the 911 No. 1 came with 128hp, a 131mph top speed and an 8.3sec 0-62 time. But Porsche is not putting the one millionth 911 on sale and rather taking it on a grand tour around the planet which includes stops at the Nurburgring, the Scottish Highlands, and the United States.

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