Chirita’s bespoken Louis XVI computer to work like a Royal

Commemorating its 10th anniversary, the French company Chirita brings our attention to their line of bespoken computers. Exclusively designed to blend in the elegance of a majestic living room or office, these computers are crafted out of brass, bronze, alabaster, malachite, and lapis lazuli. Furthermore, metal parts are covered with gold leaf. Such a work of art will define the world of luxury computers without fail. The Classic range includes the Louis V, Louis XVI, and Empire models. For € 13,000 ($17,800) and more, the Louis XVI computer is decked up with gold and pearls too. Such a majestic system discreetly accommodates the CPU in the display only. Lastly, the wireless keyboard and mouse render effortless functioning on the desk.

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Turn back the clock and swap your current plastic-cased computer system with this retro-royal desktop system.
Break the norms of contemporary designs with one of the sophisticated system from Chirita’s Classic Range.

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