World’s most expensive cheese is made from Balkan donkey’s milk

It’s time for Balkan donkeys to say cheese! Are you wondering that I have just made a foolish statement? Not if you would have known that the world’s most expensive cheese is made from these donkeys’ milk. According to reports from the Zasavica reserve, Serbia, Pule cheese is the world’s most expensive cheese at EUR 1,000 ($1,350) per kilogram. At this price, it certainly isn’t readily available. If folks born with a silver spoon intend to dig into this elite dairy delicacy, then they need to place advance orders. Since the time it was promoted at a Tourism Fair, only half a kilogram of this smoked cheese has been ordered as of yet. The authorities at the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve justify the most expensive tag by stating that no special ingredients go the pricy cheese. Actually, one kilogram of Pule cheese is made out of 25 liters of milk. Simple calculations reveal that one liter of Balkan donkey’s milk costs EUR 40, and so the price totals up to EUR 1,000 per kilogram. Neither fancy ingredients nor any luxe packaging adds to its price.

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