To beat the 110°F heat in Doha, Qatar’s billionaire sheikh took his $300 million superyacht and sailed 4,500 miles to the balmy waters of Skiathos, Greece. Being the VIP that he is, the mayor of this pristine island paid a visit to the sheikh on his floating palace to welcome him.

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When you are a member of the ultra-affluent Qatar royal family, you don’t suffer in the summer heat. Instead, you take your 437-foot, $300 million Al Mirqab megayacht and sail to Skiathos. Qatar’s Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, is experienced in the matter and knows there is nothing as picturesque and serene as the summer months in Skiathos. While Doha is currently sweltering at a scorching 110 degrees Fahrenheit, Skiathos basks in a much more pleasant 80 degrees.

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This stark temperature difference allows the Sheikh and his family to enjoy a variety of water sports and leisure activities, a stark contrast to the heat of their home city. The cool, inviting waters provide a refreshing escape, enticing even the children away from the yacht’s enchanting, pirate-themed underwater viewing room.

The Emir with his grandson. Via Instagram / @hbj_althani

The wealthy Sheikh and his family have been enjoying their time here for a week now, per Lifoland, using their helicopter and tenders to go to and from the yacht to the island. Skiathos certainly holds a special place in the Qatari royal’s heart as he keeps returning to make the most of its verdant, idyllic island, located in the Sporades archipelago. Usually, the family opts to arrive at Skiathos after having spent some time settling in at Flisvos Marina in Athens, as seen in the past.

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During the Sheikh’s last visit during the pandemic in July 2020, the family visited their favorite holiday spot while considering Covid-19 health and safety measures. The Sheikh and his family, accompanied by a whopping 51 crew members, made the most of the Aegean Sea at the Maratha Coast, which was partitioned for safety reasons, per Greek Reporter. The mayor of Skiathos is now a dear friend of the “man who bought London” and cordoning off a small portion of the beautiful sandy beach for the royal family to swim and enjoy the lush landscape is no big deal.

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Thodoris Tzoumas, the mayor of Skiathos onboard the Emir’s yacht. Via Facebook / @Thodoris Tzoumas

During his current visit, the Sheikh, a regular visitor to Skiathos for nearly two decades, was paid a visit by the mayor. The 64-year-old Sheikh, known for his down-to-earth nature, is often seen strolling around Skiathos Town, patronizing local eateries, and maintaining his close friendships with the locals. This explains the frequent helicopter trips to town, a testament to the Sheikh’s friendly and approachable demeanor.

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His luxury vessel, Al Mirqab, still ranks among the top five percent of the largest yachts in the world. It boasts 52 guest suites, an internal swimming pool with balconies, a large gym, a sauna, and a hairdressing salon for the former Prime Minister of Qatar and his family. It also includes one of the largest spas ever seen on a superyacht.

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