This Florida based company is redefining life on the high seas with a new category called houseyachts. These floating two-story condos have all the comforts of a luxurious abode with better views.

No matter how lavish a superyacht is, ultimately, the billionaires also miss the comfort of a home. Why aren’t these multi-million dollar floating mansions actually designed to look more like homes? Reina Boats is already ready with a solution, and it’s called- houseyachts. The humble houseboat of the 80s and 90s has been revamped to suit the lifestyle and aesthetic of 2023. Houseyachts come in many sizes ranging from 26ft, 34ft, 44ft, and 60ft models. The Reina line boasts five avatars, from a floating RV to a luxurious, two-story waterfront condo.

The idea came to Reina founders Hayri Dayi and Emin Günal during the pandemic when the high seas seemed like the best place to be with all the comforts and luxuries of a home. However, what was evidently missing was a homely vessel that could deliver space and amenities without costing a lot.

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“Many boats do not have the living space to provide all the accommodations and comforts people want,” Günal said in a statement. “Power catamarans offer more volume but also have become quite expensive. That left houseboats as the only option.”

The Reina Live L44 DR is one of two models of Reina Live; the commodious and charming model brings functionality for permanent cruising and for entertaining guests on the azure blue waters aboard in nature. 44-footer L44 DR includes a foredeck, living area, dining area, full kitchen, one bathroom, and two cabins. The upper and lower decks are connected via a circular staircase. The L44 DR splits the larger master cabin into two smaller cabins to sleep up to 5 people.

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The presence of a complete, C-shape wraparound kitchen and indoor and outdoor dining spaces make extended stays on the house yacht comfortable. Powered by twin high-powered engines, these innovative technology homes can be taken to the open seas. “They are fuel-efficient, remarkably quiet, and operate smoothly,” Günal adds. “They also are certified with an Ultra Low Emissions rating from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).”

To catch a glimpse of the first model, the Reina Live 44DR, one must visit the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October 2023.

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