Rolls Royce has created a ridiculously luxurious picnic basket

Not long ago, we showed you Rolls Royce’s dramatic limited edition Zenith that comes complete with its own champagne bar. This car was made for romantic picnics (evidenced by the split-tailgate that features picnic essentials like utensils) and fittingly, the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design Team have now created a luxury picnic hamper to round up the experience.

Crafted from American Walnut wood and natural grain leather, these picnic hampers can be finished in a choice of three color combinations matching the interior of the cars themselves (if you weren’t sure this counts as a luxury purchase, you should know that having a picnic basket that matches their car is not a consideration for most average Janes and Joes!). Choose from Ardent Red leather and black leather piping inspired by a 1929 Phantom II, Navy Blue and Arctic White leather piping that references the original 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom II; or a black Anthracite leather with Seashell piping that draws on the 1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.
The hamper features “Piano Black” fold out picnic tables. The leather and wood interior shelving of the hamper contains lead crystal wine glasses, handmade stainless steel cutlery, napkins embroidered with the Rolls-Royce monogram in Arctic White, and a handcrafted American Walnut chopping board. Rolls Royce will even throw in some a set of crockery, with painted black and platinum detail around the edges.
Luxury goods like these are always heavy on little details and Rolls Royce didn’t miss a chance to flaunt their story. The hinges of the picnic tables are engraved with the locations of the global debut of the experimental versions of each car – Villa D’Este on the shores of Lake Como for 100EX, the progenitor of the Phantom Drophead Coupé; and Lake Geneva for the 101EX, the car that would ultimately become the Phantom Coupé. We don’t have any word on the price just yet, but let’s face it. If you do end up being one of the 50 buyers who get to own a Rolls Royce Zenith, you’re going to want all the bells and whistles no matter how silly they are. That said, a Rolls Royce picnic hamper is still a vast improvement over a Bentley fly fishing kit.

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