Russian Youtuber pours gasoline and blows up his friend’s $140,000 BMW Sportscar just to quench his never-ending thirst for likes and views

Via Instagram / @mikhail_litvin

Another exotic automobile has been butchered to death by a rich Russian YouTuber for the sake of likes. We are racing towards a world that’ll only have electric cars. Soon, combustion-engine cars will only be found in museums, which makes it all the more important to celebrate them before they go extinct. Yet these vloggers are hell-bent on destroying these beautiful machines for something as superficial as view count on their YouTube videos. The latest such stunt was carried out by Russian vlogger Mihail Litvin who became famous two years back for burning down his AMG GT 63 S. Apparently, it was a way to protest for the poor service quality provided by Mercedes-Benz. That was followed by another viral video in which he crashed a brand new Porsche Taycan through the window of a Porsche dealership after allegedly mixing up the pedals. For his latest video, Litvin chose a BMW M5 Competition as the new sacrificial lamb.

It turns out that the car destroyed in Litvin’s video doesn’t even belong to him. The beautiful BMW in all-black actually is owned by one of his friends. This time around, he didn’t have any issues with the service nor did he mix up the pedals. According to local media, blowing up the high-performance sedan was a way of paying “respects” to a friend killed while driving a BMW M4 Competition in Moscow last year.

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Via Instagram / @mikhail_litvin

In the video, Litvin can be seen driving the M5 on a snow-covered open field before he asks a few of his friends to join him. He then pours gasoline on the car and shoots flaming arrows at it. After a few misses, the M5 dramatically explodes with debris landing close to the vlogger. In case you love cars, I’ll suggest just ignoring the video.

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