Take a look at the world’s first road-legal limousine that is made out of a private Jet

We are still years away from a fully-functional and usable flying car, but someone has gone ahead and turned a flying jet into a road-legal stretched limousine; it’s one of the wackiest and most interesting automotive creations we have seen in the recent past. Called the Limo-Jet, it’s the work of an Illinois-based company called Jetsetter, Inc. What appears something like the 1000mph Bloodhound SSC is a Lear Jet which has been converted for road use. Although, much of the details are still unknown, the company’s Facebook page states that the idea was conceived back in 2006. The interior has been customized with lights, speakers and screens, and the Limo-Jet has enough seating for a wedding party.

The cockpit of the plane has been swapped for a single-seat setup for the driver which is surrounded by a bank of screens that are meant to help the driver to maneuver the behemoth on public roads. Unlike the Bloodhound SSC car built to break the land speed record, the Limo-Jet is not powered by jet engines. Instead, it has a V8 engine of unspecified origin that drives the rear wheels. The aircraft’s engine pods are fitted with lights that look pretty cool. That’s all we know about the incredible Limo-Jet as of yet, but you can follow the company’s Facebook page that has chronicled the entire build through pictures.


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