Take a look inside Sukhoi’s ultra-luxe private jet created especially for sports teams

In the work of luxury, there are private jets and there are Private Jets. The former are planes that you own and can use at will, the latter is basically pleasure palaces in the sky. Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi’s newest offering is called SportJet and it definitely belongs to the second category.

Sukhoi’s ultra-luxe private jet  (1)
As the name suggests, the plane is intended to transport sports teams in particular. It includes a number of services and facilities designed to keep athletes in tip-top shape.
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Among these facilities are exercise bikes and even massage tables.
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Supposedly Sukhoi created this luxury jet using information incorporated from scientific and practical research in sport science. The concept takes into account factors like jet lag, dehydration, hypoxia, etc.
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The individual multimedia screens are no surprise (I mean, even we economy folks have these!).
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The AeroScan diagnostics capsule, however, is worth a mention. It has sensors built into the seat that allows for health checks of team members in flight.
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The plane is divided into four zones with one area each for the sports team, the coaching staff, the medical team, and other staff.

“In elite sports, where fractions of seconds and inches are of decisive importance, every detail matters in affecting the shape of the athlete,” said Evgeny Andrachnikov, senior vice president at Sukhoi, “Today, to achieve the best results you need new technology and approaches, including those that increase the flight quality and, hence, the physique and morale of athletes. We are sure that flights for professional sports teams on SportJets will eventually become an integral part of the air transportation market.”

The SportJet won’t be released until 2018, but honestly, we’re already scheming for ways to have our next work party on one of these.

[ Via : Dailymail ]

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