According to jet tracking teen Jack Sweeney, Donald Trump’s private jet has taken to the skies and is undergoing safety trials. Grounded for more than three years, Trump Force One is back with a shiny new look.

Via Twitter / @EricTrump

Donald Trump is soaring the skies, whether you like it or not! We are not hinting at the ladder of success but Trump’s beloved $100 million Boeing 757 private jet that was once rotting away. Per Jack Sweeney’s Twitter account, ‘Trump’s 757 known as Trump Force One, is back in the air after restoration and a new engine. Seems to be doing test flights.’ One user commented that Trump is probably ‘just getting ready for campaign season. Trump’s heir Eric had shared the news of his father’s updated and good-as-new VIP Boeing 757 private jet in June. He tweeted, “She’s back,” with a video credited to Lake Charles, Louisiana-based Landlocked Aviation Services.

Donald Trump’s beloved has taken to the skies after a long hiatus.Via Twitter / @TrumpJets

A 97-second clip shows what appears to be the jet dubbed Trump Force One getting a new paint job. The 757 was parked away at Newburgh-Stewart International Airport for long-term storage. ‘During my four years in the White House, I didn’t use everybody’s favorite airplane, the Boeing 757 we campaigned on for our big 2016 WIN,’ Trump wrote on his social media app Truth Social, shared Donald Trump. He added, ‘Now it has been completely modernized and renovated, and looks GREAT, all done in the Great State of Louisiana, and coming back to the skies in the Fall of 2022, or maybe sooner. Get ready!’

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Trump’s private jet has been grounded for more than 3 years now. Via – CNN.

The 757 was in long-term storage, with one engine removed from 2019 until 2021. The former President of the United States was ecstatic to see his prized possession return in ship shape. The private plane flaunts its unique signature black-red-white coloring with ‘Trump’ emblazoned in gold lettering.

Via Twitter / @EricTrump

The tail of Trump Force One now features an American flag replacing the T, hinting at the possibility of Donald J. Trump’s running for the White House in 2024.

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Via Twitter / @EricTrump

Besides the attractive new paint job, the cherry on the cake was the Rolls-Royce engines. The plane’s pricey Rolls Royce RB211 Turbofan engines were broken and had been removed. It is estimated that stowing away the aircraft set Trump back by at least $6 million. All that was a thing of the past, and jet-tracking teen Sweeney is the ultimate confirmation needed these days where celebrities and their private jets are concerned. With his update, there is no doubt Trump’s object of affection is ready to take on the skies.

Via Twitter / @EricTrump

Trump Force One aptly reflects the owner’s larger-than-life style. The aircraft comes with luxuries like plush cabins, a 57-inch television, custom mahogany coffee tables, bathroom fixtures, light switches, and seatbelt buckles plated in 24-carat gold. The exterior makeover is credited to Landlocked Aviation who will forever remain in Trump’s good books.

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