The Luxe valet parking app will now park, charge and wash your Tesla

Tesla Motors loves spoiling its customers with creature comforts. In a recent move that’ll leave nearly every other car owner jealous, Tesla has teamed up with Luxe, a valet parking app for smartphones. Tesla owners in San Francisco and New York City will now have Luxe representatives meet them at their respective destinations. These representatives will then park the car, wash it and charge it too, while the owner carries on with his/her chores. Whenever required, the Tesla owner will then receive the car, washed clean and charged! Eventually, Tesla will also pre-install the Luxe app in dashboard infotainment systems, to make the service easily accessible to customers.

tesla-app (2)
Some of the other options customers will also have access to include a drive-home service, overnight storage and a seven-day advance booking. Of course, the Tesla car owner will need to pay a small fee to the folks at Luxe, though the pricing is quite economical if you’d ask us. Charging the car will cost $15, excluding parking costs. Luxe will also offer Tesla owners economical monthly packs ranging from $499 per month, all the way up to $899 per month. Hopefully, this pilot program that is only limited to the aforementioned cities spreads quickly over the upcoming year.

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[ Via : Luxe ]

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