The Rolls Royce of motorhomes – Take a look inside the $1 million Newmar 2021 King Air

Not too long ago, we featured an impressive gallery of Newmar’s 2021 Supreme Aire that stands tall as the epitome of luxe road trips. It was hard to imagine that anything else would come close to topping this. Still, minds at Newmar are incessantly aiming at making it bigger and better, which is why we have a million-dollar motorhome called Newmar’s 2021 King Aire in front of us. The bar of comfort is raised yet again with an uber-luxurious coach, a new line of features and amenities unique to King Aire, and no less than hundreds of changes and upgrades to appease the most discriminating of tastes. With a starting price tag of over $1,000,000 (and you do not need an MC Number for it), let’s see what makes the King Aire motorhome Newmar’s most expensive offering:

King Aire brings an unparalleled driving experience with standard safety features like a Mobileye® lane departure warning system, OnGuard™ collision mitigation technology, adaptive cruise control, and automatic high-beam headlights.

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The fancy motorhome offers three-floor plans. Each plan offers you the same space and rearranges the layout of amenities and storage spaces.

Interiors are consistently opulent in all motorhome areas and even more in the bedroom that’s fitted with modular furnishings, king-size bed for maximized comfort.

The stylish kitchen comes equipped with Tuscan Maple cabinets with super polished quartz countertops and efficient European-style cabinets. There is ample storage offered in the kitchen to bring all your favorite ingredients and appliances on your road trips.

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The bedroom is gorgeously designed, probably even better than our rooms back home, with every aspect of need included cupboards, cabinets, entertainment system, desk, and outstanding lighting.

A motorhome that makes a dedicated area to stow your dresses, accessories, and essentials is truly one-of-a-kind and a great purchase for those long, unending road trips.

Why have breakfast in bed when you can have breakfast with a view? Newmar King Aire offers the perfect setting for two with a pull-out table and comfortable chairs.

The rear of the luxury motorhome is furnished with bathroom and laundry facilities, a washer/dryer, a huge shower, and a full-size toilet.

every King Aire is built on a Spartan K3 chassis—with a new passive steer tag axle for a shorter turn radius.

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