This $425k Freightliner Coronado Haulmark Conversion is a petrolhead’s dream motorhome with a massive garage with space for two cars

A full-size motorhome with an integrated garage big enough to fit in a sports car is not uncommon. There are several options to choose from in case you’re in the market looking for one, including the $2 million Volkner Mobile Performance S. But what if you wanted to go on a grand road trip with not one but two favorite cars from your garage in tow? That sounds like an absurd idea, right? Yet, it’s possible with this incredible 14-year-old rig that’s more like a mobile mansion on wheels. It is so massive that it can easily dwarf some of the biggest motorhomes. Originally a 2008 Freightliner Coronado, this Haulmark conversion is the perfect motorhome for a hardcore petrolhead. And, guess what? This dream motorhome is on sale and can be yours for $425,000.

This Freightliner rig has been put up for sale on Facebook by Nathan Cicio of Cicio Performance. According to the description accompanying the ad, the truck and trailer both are in good condition and it’s being sold to make space for a new rig that’s on its way. The Freightliner Coronado is powered by a Detroit Diesel engine that churns out enough horsepower to tow the massive rig to a speed on 70mph without any issues. The entire exterior of the motorhome is covered in a gray wrap, which was done by Cicio himself.

On the inside, the rig gets all the creature comforts you’ll expect from a motorhome of its size and gets a living room, a full kitchen with a double-door fridge, a standing bathroom, and a master bedroom with a queen-size bed. Some of the features like the TV in the bedroom look slightly dated, though. Nevertheless, they can be easily upgraded. The defining feature of the Freightliner rig is the 36-feet 2008 Haulmark trailer that operates as a two-story garage and can accommodate up to two cars along with necessary tools and equipment. It is equipped with an Onan 12.5 generator, an air compressor with five drops, and a liftgate stacker. In case you’re into track days and own a few track-focused cars, this rig is going to be perfect for you to travel across the country and drive your prized machines on all the major racing circuits.

[Via: Carscoops]

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