This hideous looking Mercedes-Maybach-based armored SUV celebrates the Chinese Lunar New Year

What you’re looking at is the latest creation from Latvian carmaker Dartz which is known for building some of the most outlandish armored SUVs. Remember the gold-plated SUV from the movie ‘The Dictator’? Well, that’s the vehicle that made Dartz famous around the world. The newest offering created by Dartz Black Alligator MMXX – the Black Tiger Lunar edition. The armored SUV decked out in bright orange and black celebrates the Chinese New Year, which according to the Chinese Zodiac is the Year of the Tiger. While the Dartz Black Alligator that was launched a few years back was based on the Mercedes-AMG GLS63, the newest edition uses the ultra-luxurious Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 as a base.

In terms of looks, the Black Tiger Lunar edition features an in-your-face styling that replaces Mercedes-Maybach GLS600’s rounded body panels with a cheap-looking bodykit with straight lines and sharp edges. There’s also a lot of naked carbon fiber. The turbine alloy wheels look equally hideous and are disproportionately small. There’s not much information on the interior but it’s just as flashy as the exterior and features alligator leather on various surfaces.

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Most of the details revealed by the Latvian company are not very specific, especially in the case of specifications. Dartz claims the SUV approximately has the same curb weight as the 5,919-lbs donor car, which is questionable as armor-plating increases the overall weight considerably. The company said the armored SUV uses Sapphire glass sourced from the Bohemia region, which is twice as thin as normal glass but provides the same level of protection. The exact power figures were also not revealed; instead, Dartz just said that it has an additional “100-300 horsepower” over the Mercedes-Maybach which will help you “to escape villains before they can test your armor.” In case you need something lighter, the company is also offering a non-armored version which should be quicker thanks to its lighter weight.

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