This is the fastest bulletproof car in the world (It’s a Tesla)

If you’re a celebrity or an important dignitary looking to buy an armored car, there are plenty of options in the market including this armored Maybach S600 Pullman luxury limo and the insane Dartz Prombron Black Shark which is nothing less than a military-grade vehicle with all the necessary creature comforts. But thanks to all the added weight that make it impermeable to gunfire and bomb attacks, these armored vehicles are neither the quickest out there nor are they the most eco-friendly cars because of the gas-guzzling engines under the hood. But now there is an option that will not only let you get out of an attack quickly but also help maintain your environmental-friendly cred. Meet the world’s first armored Tesla Model S.

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The International Armoring Corporation of Ogden, Utah, has recently built what they claim is the fastest bulletproof car in the world. It is an armored version of the Tesla Model S P100D which has about 550 pounds worth of composite material hidden beneath the cars body panels. That’s significantly lighter than the old-fashioned armor plating which is still widely used. The lightweight armored panels are designed to keep the occupants safe from high-powered rifle and handgun fire. In addition to that, the armored Tesla also features something called “Bio-Weapon Defense Mode” which can filter the air coming into the car of any dangerous substances. The company says that the client can spec the car with additional safety gadgets which include smoke screens, road spikes, and electric door handles that will give a 120 volt shock to anyone trying to make a forced entry. This particular armored Tesla has been built for a client in the Middle East for an undisclosed amount.

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