Watch a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow exploding in the slow motion ultra high definition video

There is no doubt that ultra high-definition slow motion videos of things blowing up are simply awesome; some of these videos have maximum views on YouTube. However, blowing up an exotic automobile is not such a great idea, at least for us petrolheads. But, if you’re going to do it anyways, give it a fitting send-off by capturing the last moments in the most jaw-dropping, mesmerizing way. American photographer and filmmaker Tyler Shields has created a four-minute clip shot in 6K resolution in which a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow doused in gasoline is set on fire in the Mojave Desert.

YouTube video
Featuring actors Cru Ennis and Ana Mulvoy-Ten, the frame-by-frame video of the Rolls Royce blowing to pieces is stunning and disturbing at the same time. The video depicts a young couple dousing the car with gas before setting it ablaze for an inevitable explosion. The video was shot using RED Dragon cameras alongside a number of other DSLRs and medium format cameras. There is also a small behind-the-scenes footage that shows the process — from the safety precautions taken, to the reactions of the cameramen as the explosion went off. It offers some good insight into what it took to get these shots.

YouTube video

[Via – Carbuzz]

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