From luxury submersibles to electric hydrofoils, here are the ultimate superyacht toys for an adventure-loving billionaire

A superyacht without cool toys and tenders is like a body without a soul. No sea-faring adventure is complete without a slew of cutting-edge water toys to make time spent at sea incredibly entertaining and unforgettable. These are even more important when you are hosting friends and family. Impress your guests by taking them on limo tenders, submersibles, or for the more adventurous, underwater dive scooters. Superyacht owners, who are confused with what tenders to buy when kitting out your toy garage, check our edit of the best toys for your superyacht:

Giving the rush of paragliding, and sky diving, a run for their money is Fliteboard. This electric hydrofoil lets you fly above the water controlled by remote control in your hand. A charged battery will allow you to smoothly fly over water at high speeds for up to 40 km. Flying on the water is no more impossible.

Scubajet Electric Scooter:
Spending weeks on the open seas can leave yacht owners jaded. The idea of a fun summer onboard cannot be complete without Scubajet. The multipurpose water jet system single-handedly puts exhilaration into watersports; it turns any kayak, canoe, and dinghy into a thrilling and powerful electric gear within seconds. It is also the most petite dive scooter ever! Scubajet is the perfect dive scooter for individuals who love a dip in the deep blue sea.

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The Crystal SUP:
Living in your superyachts’ main suite is hardly the best way to experience marine life and the endless sea. The next best thing to scuba diving, especially for those who can’t swim, is The Crystal SUP. This transparent paddleboard breaks barriers between you and the view that lies beneath.

You can enjoy a 360-degree view of your surroundings as you relax and paddle along a clear lake while taking in mesmerizing views of the seabed. The rigid and transparent Crystal SUP allows you to observe the seabed to a depth of 25 meters by paddling upright in the dry.

U-Boat Worx Nemo Submersible:
A hot favorite, the U-Boat Worx Nemo Submersible is the most compact submarine globally. The two-seater sub has revolutionized the world of underwater technology. It glides alongside the most magnificent marine animals to depths of nearly 330 feet.

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You can listen to your favorite tunes in a mesmerizing aquatic environment in the comforts of an air-conditioned, pressurized cabin. This fascinating submarine can be deployed from land, boat ramp, or yacht and requires less storage space than two jet skis. Nemo Series is available in a single seat and two-seat model.

AlbusGolf: Because everyone loves golf
Toys and tenders don’t always have to get you wet, especially not when you have a golf course installed on your superyacht. Golf-loving, superyacht owners need to know about Ecobioball by Albus Golf. This innovative product offers a win-win solution for sea-faring golf players’ right in the middle of the ocean. Ecobioball is the first ecological and biodegradable single-use golf ball that contains fish food in its core. You can enjoy a good shot and ensure the fish won’t go hungry, and the marine environment remains unharmed! Once the Ecobioball has been hit into the water, its external layer biodegrades in less than 48 hours, releasing the fish food in its core into the surrounding water.

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