US car-rentals now bring in Lotus Elise too

Car rental services, the world over, are constantly adding fresh, latest and the hottest of the kinds to their existing fleets to lure and suit their clients in every part of this globe. Today, the principles of innovation, unconventional engineering, and pure passion live on in every Lotus. And for anyone who’s in love with driving. A lightweight, stripped-down car with a modest engine is the Lotus ideal – the pure sports car. It doesn’t really matter that the ride and handling of the Lotus Elise are outstanding, or that it’s sharp communicative steering, quick throttle response, precise braking, and balanced aerodynamics all contribute to the Lotus experience of sublime performance, till you can have a go on it yourself. From now on, to thrill all the fans in the US, Lotus Cars USA, Inc., the exclusive distributor for Lotus sports cars in the United States and Canada, has made an announcement. In response to the remarkable popularity of the eye-catching Lotus Elise exotic sports car here in the USA, rental fleets across the country have now, for the first time ever, ordered a number of cars to be offered to their customers under various exotic car rental programs.

The Lotus Elise rental program opens up a world of nostalgia for some who remember the classic open-top British sports cars of the 1950s and 60s and a world of discovery for those who are yet to experience a car whose styling is pure fashion, whose reactions are immediate and whose performance is so effortless that exhilaration comes standard! Due to limited availability, the first group of cars will be available only in the following states: California, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. On a national rollout basis, more states will be added in the coming months.

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