Video – Supercar graveyard in China – Bentleys, Porsches, and Aston Martins once confiscated now lie abandoned and are rotting away

Searching for unusual automotive-themed videos on YouTube can often find you some really interesting things. The latest such interesting find is from a car graveyard in China which shows many abandoned exotics rotting away. The video was posted by Geely Uncut – the Volvo-owning Chinese automobile giant’s “official unofficial vlog” – and gives a tour of a car graveyard in Hangzhou, China. Covered with dense foliage, the car park is littered with uninteresting automobiles, including many vans and commercial vehicles. However, the host quickly navigates to the interesting part of the wasteland with several ultra-expensive cars. The tragic condition of these abandoned exotics might make you cringe in pain.

The first exotic captured in the video is a red-colored previous-generation Chevrolet Corvette. It’s the last ‘Vette to get the engine in the front, and the resale value of C7 Corvettes has started to increase. Parked right next to it is a Porsche Panamera Turbo, which doesn’t look very old. The vlog host then moves to a 2010 Audi R8, which is in terrible shape with plants growing out of the bodywork.

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The video also features an Aston Martin Vantage S with rusted-out brakes, missing badges, and a 2005 Bentley Flying Spur. Most of these exotic cars were seized by the Chinese authorities for various reasons, and none of them show signs of any accidental damage. Interestingly, the authorities that confiscated these cars decided not to auction these cars and let them rot for years. The damage by years of neglect might be too expensive to repair, and most of these cars will be heading to the crusher. What a shame!

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This video might remind you of the video posted by famous social media influencer Supercar Blondie of her visit to a car graveyard in Dubai with countless abandoned Ferraris, Lamborghinis, AMGs, Rolls-Royces, Bentleys. It’s simply staggering how fast China’s economy grew in the last two decades. According to a Credit Suisse report, China overtook the United States for the first time in history in 2018 as the home to the most ultra-rich individuals. It shouldn’t be a surprise that China is right now the biggest market for luxury brands from around the world, especially car manufacturers. But to see these beautiful automobiles die a premature death in car graveyards is painful.

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