Video: This Japanese electric hypercar just demolished Tesla’s 0-60 acceleration record

Japanese boutique carmaker Aspark has uploaded a video on YouTube along with releasing GPS data that shows one of its prototype hypercars accelerate from zero to 60mph in just 1.92 seconds. That’s faster than any other street-legal production car currently on sale by quite a big margin. The Tesla Model S P100D in ludicrous mode currently holds the record by managing a time of 2.28 second for the 0-60mph sprint. The car, called the Aspark Owl, was rolled out in concept form during the 2017 Frankfurt auto show where its makers claimed a sub-2.0 second 0-60mph time. Most people doubted the claim back then because breaking the 2-second barrier seemed close to impossible for any road-going car. But if the video and Vbox data give strong evidence that the Japanese company delivered on its promise making the Aspark Owl the world’s fastest accelerating EV.

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But there are a few caveats to be considered before we call the Aspark Owl the ultimate EV race car. The car was fitted with a set of Hoosier slick racing tires and they were heated using tire warming machine before the first attempt and a burnout was conducted prior to the second run. The Aspark Owl prototype used electricity from ultra-capacitors and not battery packs, which is great for ultra-short runs and not meant for long distance drives. Road-legal tires and the use of battery packs, even with ultra-capacitors working in tandem, can potentially alter the results by a great deal. But the Japanese company says the car will still break through the 2-second barrier.

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The Owl runs a pair of 40kW motors, offering up 430 horsepower and 563 lb-ft of torque distributed to all four wheels. It weighs only 1900 pounds and has a claimed top speed of 174mph and a driving range of 93 miles. Aspark says the Owl will enter a production run of 50 units soon with a price tag of about $4.4 million. What’s interesting is that Tesla’s upcoming Roadster promises of a similar 0-60mph sprint time, but will cost only $200,000.


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